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Clinique médicale 2 Tours offers fast and convenient blood test services. YOU HAVE TO TAKE AN APPOINTMENT BY CLICKING ON THE BOX AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE Primalab nurses will draw blood samples and CDL Laboratory will do your lab analysis.


Blood test

If you prefer to book an appointment for your blood test, contact the Primalab team via the form on the right. We’ll make sure to find a day and time for your appointment that’s best for you.


Warning: when taking a blood test, it is important to have fasted to make sure your blood test results are accurate. Drink only water at least 12 hours before your blood test. For instance, if your appointment is at 8 am, start fastening at 8 pm the day before. You need to fast in order to make sure your blood analysis isn’t flawed.


Our Montreal clinic: Laboratory blood tests

A laboratory blood test can identify and detect various health issues such as vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalances and much more. Your blood sample will be sent to an accredited lab for analysis. Analysis costs are reimbursed by most group health insurance plans.

In most cases, the results will be sent to the patient’s doctor on the following day.

Choosing Clinique des 2 Tours for a blood test comes with many advantages including:

  • A registered nurse on site
  • Courteous and professional service

We can also perform a variety of other tests:

  • Allergy (respiratory, food-related)
  • Fecal occult blood screening test
  • ThinPrep PAP Test, VPH
  • STD (STI) screening (with or without prescription)


Looking for a walk-in clinic to take a blood test? Contact Clinique médicale 2 Tours for a worry-free treatment with results delivered quickly and easily! 


Blood test

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