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Travel vaccination and ZONA

 Travel vaccination

Why vaccinate when traveling?

Going to a sunny destination, in Asia, Europe or any other part of the world?

Is this a last minute trip or a well-planned project?

Whether your trip is an all-inclusive, adventure, visiting family and friends, with an organized group or a cruise, you need to get vaccinated

Contact us to meet a nurse who will give you:

  • Safety advice relevant to your country of destination
  • The vaccines and the antibiotic prescriptions required

For your appointment, if possible please bring:

  • vaccination history booklet
  • your destination and routes

The Clinique Médicale des 2 Tours is a designated center for vaccination against yellow fever.

We recommend you meet our nurse at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your trip.  

Zona vaccination

After age 50 you can reduce the risk of contracting Zona with a simple vaccine!
Contact us today to make an appointment that suits your schedule
Taking a blood test has never been so simple. At our clinic your appointment time is respected.